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05 Jul 2023
Key To Heal Yourself ❤️

Humans are made with emotions and it’s all converted into energies . Have you ever felt depressed or detached or you feel that you wanna stay alone for sometime . Don’t think bad about that with this thought as this you do to heal yourself .some people they go to their mentor ,go to friends, go even for shopping just to divert their mind n time goes and they heal .

But the best way to heal yourself is sit alone and accept yourself,your mistakes, your way of thinking .in short accept as you are . This is a process of healing . And you come back in life with 3 times more powerful then you were before 😘❤️ guidance by tarotlight11 💫🙌💐

25 Jun 2023
Divine love 💕

Love is all about Acceptance ❤️the moment you feel that you are in deep love ,you don’t try to change him/her, as you look him/her like as one as you and start accepting other person as whole. It includes his habits , his/her positivity ,his/her negativity, his/her lust,his/her greed, his/her all kind of emotions in order to reach divine love where you become as whole .

Guidance by Tarotlight11 💐🌹💖

25 Jun 2023
Frequency Shift !
Heart happiness is the feeling of love ❤️

Have you ever realized how you are attracting the things in your life ??????

Whether it is good or bad ! Purity in positive or purity is the main element to attract things in life. When you are pure positive you feel happy and have the kind of courage to do anything ,even making smiles on other faces and attract highly indications of notification in all ways which attract good things and you become beautiful .❤️

Similarly ,when you have feelings as pure negative ,your face speaks in volume and you feel bad even if you are surrounded by good people ??? The reason is you as you want to feel all around as negative as you are negative .it means you are creating a negative force around you .😟

Guidance by tarotlight11 ! Clear your myth and energy balance 💐💖🌹

02 Jun 2023
Silence has the answer . How many people agree ?
Silence – The Answer

Have ever realized that silence in our life has the real meaning of answers that we are seeking . Even the most beautiful feeling we call when people are in love and feel good ,but their feeling is the best one which they feel in silence . The meaning of love is happiness and the realization answer comes from Silence.

Similarly when anger comes, feelings of hate come but when you realize ,when u r alone and SILENCE gives power to your brain to think on action which is converting into hate.

It’s so powerful Tool in human ,and must utilize daily as a practice of 30 min to discover the real you and your need 💐❤️💖🌹blessings from lifeeasyonline 💐🌹🌟

17 May 2023
What do you see & think?

Let’s share some talk by heart, what do you see and first thought comes in your mind when u see this picture ???

Picture Effect on humans ?
23 Apr 2023
Claim This Energy 🌟

I try to be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that I have, for the journey that I’m on and to relish each day as a gift.🤗

The Universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe… and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.