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29 Apr 2023
Numbers Role in Life!

Do you know about yourself ⁉️

What topics do you like to discuss?

Being an intuitive reader , I have noticed that humans are strongly suffering from deficiency of knowing themself . mostly they have No idea about their capabilities , they have less control on emotions ,less mindset level which thinks only what they want to feel. I love to discuss humans with number power with the help of their date of birth. Rolls of numbers in life and how it helps them to balance their life.

In life I have seen ,if people have knowledge about themself first ,that what they need in their life , emotions balancing , guided by the wrong concept of being human, clarity on their powers which they have no idea. Numbers role , when they were born there was a specific date, time. & it’s all about numbers.

If they know about themself. It can help to make their life easy for balance ,taking decisions in life ,what shall let go and what shall not, where they need to use their energies. I feel that all humans have many positives then negative ,only things that they don’t know due to the illusion of world system And I help them to recognize their worth , how to overcome emotions , what is healthy for them . As if humans are healthy by mind ,it can be a great additional value in their life and it helps them to complete this life journey 😘