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02 Jun 2023
Silence has the answer . How many people agree ?
Silence – The Answer

Have ever realized that silence in our life has the real meaning of answers that we are seeking . Even the most beautiful feeling we call when people are in love and feel good ,but their feeling is the best one which they feel in silence . The meaning of love is happiness and the realization answer comes from Silence.

Similarly when anger comes, feelings of hate come but when you realize ,when u r alone and SILENCE gives power to your brain to think on action which is converting into hate.

It’s so powerful Tool in human ,and must utilize daily as a practice of 30 min to discover the real you and your need 💐❤️💖🌹blessings from lifeeasyonline 💐🌹🌟

30 Mar 2023
Meaning of question which asked them but fast to reply .

What’s something most people don’t understand?

In the world , people only understand which they are limited to their knowledge .for them the things which they have not seen .it doesn’t exist ????? This is sad they live their whole life in illusion.