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Heart happiness is the feeling of love ❤️

Have you ever realized how you are attracting the things in your life ??????

Whether it is good or bad ! Purity in positive or purity is the main element to attract things in life. When you are pure positive you feel happy and have the kind of courage to do anything ,even making smiles on other faces and attract highly indications of notification in all ways which attract good things and you become beautiful .❤️

Similarly ,when you have feelings as pure negative ,your face speaks in volume and you feel bad even if you are surrounded by good people ??? The reason is you as you want to feel all around as negative as you are negative .it means you are creating a negative force around you .😟

Guidance by tarotlight11 ! Clear your myth and energy balance 💐💖🌹

Moli is a Specialist in the unique thinking of creation. with over 10 years of experience of helping people for Products & concept selling and helping people with special Skills in terms of healing, advisory , energy exchanges thru Card Readings and the Number skills. She achieved success due to her commitment to providing unique ideas, Products which makes life easy , Fortune Telling with Unique Number Skills...

  1. george974 says:

    I think it’s more accurate to say that we need to learn how to stop blocking attraction when it naturally arises.
    Now here’s where things get interesting👇
    It’s been my experience that when I connect with some people I’m naturally attracted to, I can often see clear evidence that the attraction is mutual, even if neither of us are willing to acknowledge that attraction openly. It’s as if there’s a magnetic field pulling us closer to each other. But when our logical minds notice what’s happening, there’s a tendency to resist and try to block it because we’ll reason, “No, this person isn’t my type, so I can’t be feeling attraction right now.”
    So Even though some attraction circuitry may seem to operate on a subconscious, biological level, it isn’t there to frustrate or to derail. It actually serves a greater purpose by helping become more aligned with truth, love, and power.

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